• Eric Carlson

Augmented Reality for Environmental Awareness

I've been prototyping augmented reality (AR) experiences such as the spawning sockeye salmon pictured in the screenshot here. AR opens up a world of possibilities for education and fun. If you want to view these salmon in AR, wherever you are, follow these directions:

Install the free Adobe Aero app on your iPhone (system requirements found at the bottom of this post), allowing Aero to access your camera. Point your camera at the QR code below.

As your camera reads the QR code tab to open the Aero app. Then, slowly move your camera to point at a horizontal surface and when the app has identified it and the salmon begin to appear tap the screen to anchor them on the surface. Then, you walk around and view the fish from all sides and move in and out! It's not perfect, of course, it's a beta, and here are system requirements.

Adobe Aero mobile (iOS) system requirements

Your device must meet the minimum technical specifications to run and use Adobe Aero.

Applicable for: October 2020 release (version 2.0), June 2020 release (version 1.5), and November 2019 release (version 1.0) Aero is now available on desktop System requirements | Aero desktop Minimum recommended system requirements for Adobe Aero mobile (iOS) Minimum requirement ProcessorA11 ARM chip or higher Operating system iOS 13 or later RAM 3GB RAM ARKit ARKit 2 or later Internet Requires an Internet connection, Adobe ID, and acceptance of license agreement to activate and use Adobe Aero. Supported devices

  • iPhone 8 Plus and above

  • iPad and iPad mini fifth generation and above

  • iPad Air third generation and above

  • iPad Pro second generation and above

Want to find out which iPad model you have? Read this Apple Support page to identify your iPad model. Alternatively, look for the model number at the back of the device or go to Settings > General > About screen on your iPad.